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The Slider Bed Conveyor (CBS) and Belt over Roller Conveyor (CBR) are two belt top conveyors that often satisfy special materail handling needs. Both devices are characterized by the direct contact between the load or product to be conveyed, and the conveyor belt itself. Typically, these conveyors include a single belt that is nearly the width of the conveyor and driven by a head pulley at the downstream end of the conveyor.

The CBS includes a flat plate or sheet that spans the width of the conveyor, over which the conveyor belt slides as it is pulled along by the head pulley. Typically a guide or rail is mounted on the sides to help contain the load or material being transported.

The CBR includes a set of nonpowered rollers that span the space between the side frames of the conveyor. The conveyor belt is supported by these rollers as it is pulled the length of the conveyors. Depending on the application, Guides may also be used with these conveyors.